Pharmaceutical Deal Trends 2017 Factbook

Pharmaceutical Deal Trends 2017 Factbook: Partnerships and Acquisitions Shift Focus Towards Early Stage Development, Emerging Markets, and Biologics Recent studies shows, internally developed pipeline productivity at big pharma companies has ...Read the full article

31st August, 2017 • CBR Pharma Insights


Global Dermatology Drugs Growth Driven by

“Global Dermatology Drugs Market to 2023” – Growth Driven by Increased Uptake of Interleukin Receptor Inhibitors for Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis. Since 2014, five potential blockbuster drugs have been approved ...Read the full article

23rd August, 2017 • GBI Research


The Future of Wholesale Carriers – New Report

International Wholesale Carriers – New Business Models & Growth Drivers in the Digital Transformation Era “International Wholesale Carriers – New Business Models & Growth Drivers in the Digital Transformation Era”, ...Read the full article

8th August, 2017 • GlobalData


Profit over 100 points on General Electric

  PAXFOREX The price above 200 MA, indicating a growing trend. The MACD histogram is above the zero line. The oscillator Force Index is above the zero line. If the ...Read the full article

15th June, 2017 • PAX Forex


Forex Market Review

XM Investment Research Desk: Euro firm; sterling holds gains after polls show Tories lead; dollar mixed; yen underperforms The euro was relatively firm on the day while the yen was ...Read the full article

21st April, 2017 • XM Investment Research Desk


Global C4ISR Market 2016–2026

Global C4ISR Systems market to witness robust participation globally Global expenditure on command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems is expected to show robust growth over the ...Read the full article

7th April, 2017 • GlobalData


Refining Industry Outlook to 2021

Refining Industry Outlook in Asia and Oceania to 2021 Asia and Oceania plays an important role in the global refining industry. It accounts for 32.8% of the total global refining ...Read the full article

28th March, 2017 • GlobalData


Solar PV Module Market – Global Analysis to 2020

Asia-Pacific solar module manufactures contributed approximately 92.48% of the total global modules produced in 2015. China continues to be the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the world with 68.5% ...Read the full article

28th March, 2017 • GlobalData


FMCG Industry Business Confidence Report H1 2017

According to the survey results, 44% of FMCG industry executives highlight the current economic environment as stable. In addition, 22% of survey respondents indicated that the existing economic conditions are ...Read the full article

16th March, 2017 • GlobalData


Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies

Evolving Pharmaceutical Marketing Strategies: Digital as a Key Component of Multichannel Marketing The pharmaceutical field has always experimented with and adopted technology to provide medical advancements, leading to robotic surgery ...Read the full article

16th March, 2017 • CBR Pharma Insights


Overview of the United Kingdoms’ Financial Services Industry

Key take-outs from the reports Financial services is evolving, and the launch of new products – most of which are technology-based – is becoming ever-more frequent. While insurance is steeped ...Read the full article

14th March, 2017 • GlobalData


Global Metal and Mining to 2020 Report Series

Identify various factors driving and affecting the Metal and Mining Industry. Global Diamond Mining to 2020 Global diamond reserves were 700Mctas of January 2016, with Australia accounting for the largest share ...Read the full article

14th March, 2017 • GlobalData


City Profiles Report PESTLE Analysis

Amsterdam is the largest economic region in the Netherlands and has strong services sector, accounting for 88.2% of the total regional GVA in 2015. Significant growth in the service and ...Read the full article

8th March, 2017 • GlobalData


Enterprise IT Security Current technology and market trends

Technology Evolution The cyberage has opened a world of possibilities that lead to the creation of disruptive technologies such as cloud, virtualization, and mobility. While enterprises are looking to improve ...Read the full article

14th February, 2017 • GlobalData


Boilers, Turbines and Generators (BTG) for Thermal Power – Market Size, Competitive Landscape, Key Country Analysis and Forecasts to 2020

By "Siemens Pressebild" - Photo taken from [1] with the friendly permission of Siemens Germany by Christian Kuhna, E-Mail: christian.kuhna/klammeraff/siemens/dot/com, CC BY-SA 3.0, Boilers, Turbines and Generators (BTG) for Thermal Power Market. China to Continue to Lead Global BTG Market followed by India, Vietnam and the US. China, the biggest Boilers, Turbines and ...Read the full article

11th January, 2017 • GlobalData


Crude Oil Price Crash Slows the Production Growth

“H2 2016 Production and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Key Planned Upstream Projects for Canadian Oil Sands” Key Highlights of the Canadian Oil Sands Industry In the short term, oil sands production ...Read the full article

21st December, 2016 • Trader Mind


Telecom Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Report

What to expect over the next six months (November 2016–April 2017) Respondents consider expanding in current markets and new product development as key priorities over the next six months. The ...Read the full article

16th December, 2016 • GlobalData


Cancer vaccines market will soar to $7.5 billion by 2022

Global revenues for the cancer vaccines market are forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.93%, from $2.5 billion in 2015 to $7.5 billion in 2022. Cancer ...Read the full article

9th December, 2016 • GBI Research


Rheumatoid Arthritis Testing – Global Analysis and Market Forecasts

Rheumatoid Arthritis Testing Market to Approach $400 million In 2015, revenue from the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) testing market across the 15MM was $338.5m. Sales in the RA testing market are ...Read the full article

22nd November, 2016 • Trader Mind


Dollar eases after hitting 13.5-year high; UK employment slowdown

XM Investment Research Desk: A resumption in the government bond sell-off drove the US dollar to fresh highs in Wednesday’s European trading but equities and commodities fell, weighed by the stronger ...Read the full article

17th November, 2016 • XM Investment Research Desk


Asia-Pacific to Lead the Wind Turbine Tower Market Until 2020

Global Wind Turbine Tower Market Rises to $17.2 Billion in 2015 from $13 Billion in 2010 The global wind tower market increased from $13 billion in 2010 to $17.2 billion ...Read the full article

2nd November, 2016 • GlobalData


The Global Military Rotorcraft Market 2016-2026

Asia Pacific expected to be the largest market followed by North America Countries in the Asia Pacific region are expected to account for the highest spending on rotorcraft globally, accounting ...Read the full article

29th October, 2016 • GlobalData


The Future of Generic Drugs and Strategies for Commercial Success

Although the US is currently dominating the generics market, emerging markets have been the most important geographical growth drivers for generics in the recent past. For example, Indian pharmaceutical companies ...Read the full article

25th October, 2016 • GlobalData


Biopower Market – Global Market Size, Average Price, Major Feedstock, Regulations, and Key Country Analysis to 2025

Biopower market set to rise to 165.2 GW of installed capacity by 2025 as technologies advance The global biopower is a niche market in the renewable energy industry, and is ...Read the full article

20th October, 2016 • GlobalData


IoT Healthcare Opportunities for MNOs: Market Forecasts and MNO Approaches

IoT connectivity for healthcare related devices is a small but growing opportunity. Pyramid estimates that the total number of patients remotely monitored through SIM-based IoT connections at 4.7m at the ...Read the full article

20th October, 2016 • GlobalData


TrendSights Analysis: Anchoring

Anchoring as an effort to humanize the act of consumption Defining Anchoring Anchoring may be defined as the desire for products that immerse consumers in familiar and positive emotions that ...Read the full article

20th October, 2016 • Canadean


Market Brace for a Rate Hike in December

XM Investment Research Desk: The US dollar kept most of its gains despite some attempts of profit-taking as the market seemed to brace for a rate hike in December.  The ...Read the full article

18th October, 2016 • XM Investment Research Desk


US 10-year Yields Rise to 4-month Highs

LCG Research Team: The US dollar gained against all of its G10 counterparts and the majority of emerging market currencies, as Chicago Fed Evans said that a Federal Reserve (Fed) ...Read the full article

12th October, 2016 • LCG ResearchTeam


Global Bankruptcy Filings by Oil and Gas Companies

Q2 2016 had the highest number of bankruptcy filings with 30, followed by Q3 2015 and Q1 2016, with 26 and 21, respectively.  Approximately 113 companies related to the oil ...Read the full article

13th September, 2016 • GlobalData


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