Key factors for Gold trades

Gold Fundamental Analysis Chinese Retail Sales: Chinese Retail Sales for March increased by 10.9% annualized. Economists predicted an increase of 9.7% annualized. Forex traders can compare this to Chinese Retail ...Read the full article

18th April, 2017 • PAX Forex


Gold medium-term trend reversal

Gold Coins IronFX: Gold traded in a consolidative manner on Friday, staying between the support of 1262 (S1) and the resistance of 1268 (R1). The metal is still trading below the downside ...Read the full article

25th October, 2016 • IronFX: Marshall Gittler ( Head of Global FX Strategy) & Charalambos Pissouros (Senior Technical Analyst)


Gold & Crude Recover as Dollar Slides

gold The week was filled with extreme contrasts that echoed throughout the world. Stalling retail sales pushed the dollar to new lows as treasuries rallied with an unprecedented zeal. Speculation that ...Read the full article

14th August, 2016 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Troubling Global Trends Force Oil to New Lows

Crude Oil 1 Faced with America’s stockpile gain, oil hit its longest losing streak in four months. An unwelcome report released by the American Petroleum Institute sent shockwaves throughout the industry when they ...Read the full article

17th June, 2016 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Diamond Prices Face Long Road to Recovery

diamond prices Oil isn’t the only commodity that has become completely saturated; diamonds have been hit hard by shockingly similar problems. Diamond prices are predicted to take over a year to recover ...Read the full article

5th March, 2016 • Nathaniel Mansfield


Are Gold Investments Smart In Australia?

Gold Investments Take An Upturn in 2016 Gold investments is one of the oldest instruments, but not many people have it in their investment portfolio today. Since the beginning of 2016, ...Read the full article

4th March, 2016 • Rhea DSouza


Iran is Out – WTI Tumbles

Russian Oil Iran is Out – Review IRONFOREX Oil prices plunge Iran’s oil minister described the Saudi-Russian oil freeze proposal as “ridiculous” yesterday. He said that should Iran’s oil production fall, it will ...Read the full article

25th February, 2016 • IronFX: Marshall Gittler ( Head of Global FX Strategy) & Charalambos Pissouros (Senior Technical Analyst)


Oil Prices Fall: Ray Of Hope For Australia’s Finance Sector

Plunging Oil Prices May Revive Australian Finance Industry Oil prices have seen a major tumble, shocking the financial world and causing stock markets to plunge downwards. Crude oil barrel prices have ...Read the full article

20th February, 2016 • Rhea DSouza


Crude Oil Surge – Is it Time to Buy?

A late surge in oil prices yesterday helped global equities extend their gains on Wednesday and Thursday. US oil futures surged by 8% yesterday and were last trading at $31.16 ...Read the full article

19th February, 2016 • XM Investment Research Desk


Why Crude Oil Prices Fluctuate

WTI continued trading higher on Monday and today during the Asian morning, it managed to emerge above the 30.50 (S1) line. Nevertheless, given that the price is still trading below ...Read the full article

17th February, 2016 • Trader Mind


Cotton Consumption and Production Continue to Fall

Live Cotton Chart Forecasts for Consumption and Production Continue to Fall Cotton 2015/16 Trade Outlook Major Importers: China is cut 500,000 bales to 5.0 million on declining mill use and potential ...Read the full article

10th February, 2016 • Trader Mind


Is Gold Ready to Bounce?

Gold Forecast Gold Review Gold climbed higher yesterday, breaking above the resistance (now turned into support) line of 1132 (S1) and hitting resistance at 1145 (R1). The price structure remains ...Read the full article

5th February, 2016 • Trader Mind


Further Pressure on Oil Prices

Oil plummets below $28 US crude oil fell to its lowest level since September 2003, on concerns over a global supply flood. The International Energy Agency (IEA) said the global ...Read the full article

21st January, 2016 • IronFX: Marshall Gittler ( Head of Global FX Strategy) & Charalambos Pissouros (Senior Technical Analyst)


Gold Price Forecast for 2016

IRONFOREX Gold traded lower yesterday after it hit resistance slightly below the 1110 (R1) resistance barrier. However, the decline was stopped faintly above the 1090 (S1) key level and then ...Read the full article

13th January, 2016 • Trader Mind


WTI Heading Towards $30

IRONFOREX WTI slid yesterday and managed to overcome the 36.35 support (now turned into resistance) barrier. I would now expect the price to continue lower and perhaps challenge the 35.30 ...Read the full article

7th January, 2016 • IronFX: Marshall Gittler ( Head of Global FX Strategy) & Charalambos Pissouros (Senior Technical Analyst)


Is Crude Oil WTI Bottoming?

The short answer is not. Crude oil WTI prices are either to linger at current prices or go lower below $35.  I am more inclined to beleive that the price ...Read the full article

30th December, 2015 • Trader Mind


Commodities Lower – Gold and WTI Review

Short-term trend remains negative

12th December, 2015 • IronFX: Marshall Gittler ( Head of Global FX Strategy) & Charalambos Pissouros (Senior Technical Analyst)


Buying and Selling Gold- Lucrative Business

Will investors stop buying Gold?

2nd November, 2015 • Kamal Kaur


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