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Risk warning: Your capital is at risk. Plus500 is suitable for experienced traders and not beginners.

Company Name: Plus500AU Pty Ltd

Address and Contact Details:

UK: Plus 500 UK Limited, 359 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7JL

Australia and New Zealand: Plus500AU Pty Ltd. Level 10, 45 Clarence Street | Sydney, NSW 200

Fax No:

UK: +44 203 002 7290

AU & NZ: + 612 9299 3413


Sign up Offer: Yes, $30 to trade in stocks or CFDs (No Deposit Required). Terms and Conditions apply.

Demo Account: Yes


UK: Plus500UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909)

AU & NZ : Plus500AU Pty Ltd (ACN 153301681), provides services to AU residents under AFSL 417727

Derivatives Issuer Licence in New Zealand FSP 486026 and authorised Financial Services Provider in South Africa, FSP 47546. You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please consider the Disclosure documents available on Plus500 websites

Plus500 Mobile Trading Video Preview

Company Background

Plus500 is a leading CFD platform with attractive trading conditions on Forex, Indices, Shares, and Commodities alongside pioneering trading technology. Plus500 was founded in 2008 in Israel. Plus500 offers a deposit bonus to every first time depositor.

The Financial Services Authority serves as the regulatory authority of the company. The company facilitates trading in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France, and Germany shares. Traders can also trade in world indices, and foreign currencies.

Plus500AU Pty Ltd, is authorized to issue these products to Australian residents under its AFSL #417727 issued by Australian Securities and Investments Commission; to New Zealand residents under its New Zealand Derivatives Issuer Licence FSP # 486026; and in South Africa under its Financial Services Provider license #47546issued by the Financial Services Board of South Africa. You do not own or have any rights to the underlying assets. Please consider the Disclosure documents available on Plus500 websites.

Brokering Features and Fees

Minimum stock commission – zero commission, plus500 does not charge commissions.
Minimum funds to open account- $100


These images are for illustrative purposes only.

Plus500 provides an exclusive business platform known as Plus500 Trading. This platform has been used for several years today, and has supported many upon several of orders in different trade markets. Plus 500 is a private trading platform. While this can be a deterrent for dealers who are searching for a unique platform like MT4, but it is fast to trade with Plus500’s software.

Plus500’s dealing proposal is accessible in 3 versions such as a web-oriented platform, a downloadable edition and a mobile dealing interface. Click here to download!

The Plus 500’s platform for Forex CFDs trading offers all essential details within one display so that there is no need of moving needs to get required details. 4 clearly-marked tabs create it feasible to get information about prior deals and recent ranks without possessing to look for it. The trading platform of Plus500’s is innovative but  it lacks the capability to see many graphs and charts. It does provide an easy and broad trading practice for those who choose a basic platform.

Plus500 also has a browser-based trading platform – WebTrader. No download is required and one can start trading from the browser itself.

The Plus500 platform offers traders the use of their demo account for an unlimited amount of time. This is unusual for Forex brokers who normally limited their demo accounts to 2-3 months. Both the live account and demo account have real-time streaming quotes and offer leverage of up to 1:300.

The Plus500 Webtrader allows one-click operations for opening and closing trades, setting stops and entry limits, placing direct orders, setting and editing limit and stop loss, and charting. No downloading is required.

Plus 500 Web Trader Platform

Plus 500 Web Trader Platform – These images are for illustrative purposes only.


Ready to try Plus500 WebTrader? Click here.


Mobile App


Plus 500 Mobile App

Plus500 Mobile App – These images are for illustrative purposes only.

Plus500 also offers top quality mobile applications for iPhones, Androids and Windows phones. Just as the company is constantly upgrading its offerings both on its Webtrader it is also continually working on its mobile applications so that traders will enjoy the best possible trading experience wherever they are.

Videos are also available to help traders understand how to work the platform and to hopefully avoid any potential losses from erroneous use. As mobile trading becomes more and more popular Plus500 remains on the cutting edge of this technology.

Plus500 offers a free (unlimited) demo version. Try Plus500 on your mobile? Click here.

Market Available

Plus500 is one of the foremost suppliers of delivering unparalleled CFD trading terms.

Deposit and withdrawal

Depositing and withdrawing funds from the account is secure and easy; the Plus 500 provides several exciting services for managing the account. The online money transfer facilities include Visa, Maestro, money bookers, and wire transfer.

Customers can securely fund their account via MasterCard, they can deposit by clicking fund management and MasterCard, and selecting the amount they desire to deposit by providing credit card details.

Depositing through Skirll / Moneybookers is alike MasterCard but the customer has to click the money bookers instead of clicking the MasterCard. After entering all the Money Bookers mail address, the customer will get their confirmation details.

Apart from these, the Plus500 provides wire transfer and PayPal method for depositing the amount in the account.

For withdrawing the amount customers need to provide a duplicate copy of the current identification document including driver license, passport, and photo identification. In online withdrawal method, customers need to load their tiff file types by making a click on the load button on their trading website.

Plus500 offers a free (unlimited) demo version. Click here.

Customer Service

Plus500 has 24/7 customer support to answer queries of customers. Besides the option to contact via email you can also chat with their representative. They are ready to assist you in any issue you face with Plus500 trading.

Let’s get started...

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Risk warning: Your capital may be at risk. CFD trading is suitable for experienced traders and not beginners.