Investment & Securities Industry Overview

Plunkett Research, Ltd. is the leading provider of industry sector analysis and research, industry trends and industry statistics. Their research reports and online subscription service are used by the world’s top corporations, consultants, universities, libraries and government agencies. Plunkett Research, Ltd. was established in 1985.

Plunkett’s products save time and effort when you need competitive intelligence, market research, vertical industry marketing data, or industry trends analysis. We cover such vital industry sectors as health care, financial services, retailing, entertainment, energy and information technology.

The investment industry is comprised of a wide variety of sectors and service providers. At the top of the list are the giant asset managers, like BlackRock, a firm managing assets that total more than $3 trillion, an amount so immense that it was equal to the gross national products of Russia and India combined in 2010. Also at the top of the industry are the biggest exchanges, were billions of shares trade hands yearly, along with the major investment banks, those firms that raise money for corporate clients by selling their stocks and bonds to the public and arranging massive loans. Investment banks also deal in private equity investments and asset management, and they earn immense fees by brokering mergers and acquisitions.

Then there are the big firms that provide stock brokerage services. Some of them, like Merrill Lynch, are also investment banks. Others, like Charles Schwab, are primarily stock brokers that deal with millions of individual customers. However, the lines have blurred between sectors in recent years. It is common for one firm to operate in multiple segments of the business at once: commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, insurance, mortgages, financial advisory, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions and more.brokering mergers and acquisitions.

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