London Mayor Voices Positive Possibilities of Brexit


Will Mayor Boris Johnson’s influence end up revolutionizing Britain’s future?

London’s mayor made headlines when he announced that Britain’s finance industry would flourish outside of the European Union. Mayor Boris Johnson voiced his support for the Brexit movement, citing discussions with senior bankers that backed his convictions. He claims that Prime Minister David Cameron has been lobbied into backing participation in the European Union. According to top bankers the European union is only beneficial for the few who are heavily invested in it, not British business as a whole. A growing frustration with European regulation on British business is setting the stage for the country to back out of the European Union. Johnson’s new stance has gathered massive support & this controversial stance has the potential to make him the next prime minister.

Mayor Johnson’s Voices Support of Brexit

“I think the City would continue to flourish outside the EU, flourish mightily,” said Johnson “The critical mass is here in London for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with the EU.”

If Britain leaves the pound “will be as strong and robust as the U.K. economy,” he told Bloomberg News. “The risks are with remaining in the EU. Why should we remain tethered to this anti-democratic system?”

David Cameron’s Remain campaign has responded with a flurry of doomsday prophecies about the potential repercussions of leaving the EU. They claim that leaving the EU would destroy the British economy. The mounting pressure being put on them to step down & allow Britain to be itself is making their arguments more & more frantic. This has given birth to a slew of campaigns claiming that leaving the European Union would be detrimental for Britain.


New evidence shows that the British sterling could bounce back with Brexit.

Mayor Boris Johnson is shaking up the entire political system by voicing the growing concerns of British businessmen. He is officially backing the Brexit movement to leave the European Union on June 23rd. He has accused the Remain campaign of scaremongering about the alleged negative economic effects of Brexit. According to leading voices in the economic sector the stirling would become more competitive outside of the European Union. Mayor Boris Johnson claims that the government is trying to pull the wool over the public’s eyes to protect their vetted interests.

“There’s an enormous industry of lobbyists” run by “people turning left on the plane because of our membership of the European Union,” Johnson said in a reference to first-class air travel. “The people who would benefit massively from the change are the 95 percent of U.K. businesses that do not export to the EU but have to comply with 100 percent of EU regulation.”

Johnson went on to say that “there are good political arguments” for staying in the bloc “but I don’t think there are good economic arguments.”

Brexit 3

Mayor Boris Johnson claims that Brexit is the only hope for Britain to revive its economy.

The booming public support for Brexit is fueled by the growing discontent with stringent EU regulations. Since Britain is part of the bloc they have lost their ability to tailor regulations that fit the needs of the country’s businesses. This has led to a flood of regulations that seem outrageous when applied to British companies. For too long Britain’s entrepreneurs have been forced to comply with irrelevant regulations. Many claim that this over-regulation is directly responsible for stifling the once vibrant British economy.

Amidst all this uncertainty the air is rife for change. So far the only major politician who is willing to fight against this travesty is Mayor Boris Johnson. His support has set the Brexit movement in motion, only time will tell if it’s powerful enough to severe Britain’s ties to a doomed European Union.

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