Learn How Blue Origin Reignited a Space Race Rivalry

Blue Origin

The rivalry between Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos intensified with Blue Origin’s historic launch of the first reusable rocket. Just when we thought that SpaceX was dominating the space race Blue Origin made this monumental achievement & completely changed what we thought was possible. Move over Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos has proven that his company is ready to step out of the shadows & start revolutionizing the way people reach outer space. This new development has the potential to reinvent the way that rockets are used. In turn this will also play a crucial role in dropping the price of reaching space & open up doors to space tourism.

The Space Race is Back On Between Blue Origin & SpaceX

“Now safely tucked away at our launch site in West Texas is the rarest of beasts—a used rocket,” Bezos said in a statement. “Full reuse is a game changer, and we can’t wait to fuel up and fly again.”

Blue Origin made history when they launched their New Shepard ship into space & managed to land the rocket body only 4.5 ft from where it launched from. This in itself is a complete game changer, since usually these extremely expensive rocket bodies are lost during each launch. This has the potential to upend Elon Musk’s $60 million price tag on putting something into space. Experts say that this new development could lead the price of reaching outer space to decline all the way down to $6 million dollars. While that’s still a lot of money, it’s still incredibly cheap compared to the current price. This will enable a whole new wave of researchers, tourists & companies to reach outer space. While the New Shepard spaceship doesn’t have the capabilities of reaching the international space station, it certainly has all the necessary components to give space tourists the ride of a lifetime. Elon Musk briefly congratulated Bezos on Twitter but quickly added that SpaceX was operating at a more complicated level than other “suborbital” players.
The rivalry between Elon Musk & Jeff Bezos is understandable since their companies started under completely different circumstances. When Jeff Bezos created Blue Origin in 2000 he already had plenty of cash from Amazon so he was in no hurry to turn a profit. This position allowed him to keep his company shrouded in secrecy & now all those years of hard work have finally paid off. On the other hand Elon Musk started SpaceX in 2002 with a much more strained budget & fierce competition from government backed agencies. This extreme pressure almost destroyed SpaceX but in the end it did wonders for the company by forcing it to evolve at an amazing pace. All these differences led to both founders openly criticizing each other, a fight over access to NASA landing pad & even accusations of poaching employees.

Luckily for humanity all this rivalry has led to immense advances in space travel over the last few years. Nothing pushes a company to go full throttle on a project better than fierce competition. Thanks to this exciting new development the rivalry has been reignited & we can expect both companies to make impressive advances in the next few years. 15 years ago who would have thought that the creators of Amazon & Paypal would be at war with each other over dominating the race into outer space?

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