Fundamental Trading Knowledge Test (Economic Indicators)

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Fundamental Trading Knowledge Test (Economic Indicators)

This quiz is designed to test stock, forex, bonds and future market traders basic knowledge and understanding of economic fundamentals. After you pass this quiz you will be graded as Novice, Advanced Trader, Experienced Trader or Master Trader.

A CPI index of 110 means?




The Office for National Statistics (ONS) releases official statistics for which country?



A higher than expected retail sales should be taken as?


What is Inflation?



Why is the unemployment rate is a Lagging Indicator?



What does ZEW Economic Sentiment Index measures?



What does Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures?



In the US, which index is the “Official CPI” reported in the media?



Which of the following are considered Leading Indicators ?



Which of the following are considered Lagging Indicators ?



Which of the following are considered Coincident Indicators ?



What is the most likely reaction during a “good” economic conditions if the last CPI reading is lower than expected?



What are Leading Indicators?



Which of the following is a index not used to measure inflation?



A lower than expected GDP should be taken as a?



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