Comparison of CFD Trading Platforms

There are several CFD trading platforms available in the market with their own set of pros and cons. However, getting to know each platform is time consuming. With a bit of research a trader could develop a better understanding of what is on offer and their difference.  The best way to choose a platform is to know your trading needs.

Given below is the comparison of some of the leading trading platforms that will prove very helpful in your decision-making.

MetaTrader 4

Meta Trader 4
MetaTrader 4 is a powerful trading platform, which can allow thousands of traders to access the market simultaneously using multiple accounts and can allow them to trade dozens of financial instruments. This state-of-the art trading platform uses advanced IT technologies to ensure a convenient and safe trading environment.

MetaTrader 4 is an innovative trading platform allowing the benefits of mobile trading as well. It provides a user-friendly interface and features several powerful functions to help manage financial instruments and stay profitable. The MetaTrader 4 platform offers multi-language support and allows funding of accounts using multiple currencies.

MetaTrader 5

Meta Trader 5

This is an automated trading platform which allows traders to trade a range of assets from different financial markets. The platform aligns essential tools such as trading charts and indicators allowing traders to analyze the market movements of the instruments correctly.

It offers numerous impressive analytical features like 82 various tools including graphic objects and technical indicators allow traders to analyze stock and currency prices. There are 21 time frames available for each market security and the possibility to open up to 100 charts at a time thus rich in analysis of the market.

Meta Trader Chart Anaysis

The platform enables traders to access the currency market, stock market and one can also trade in options. The MetaTrader 5 has been programmed using the MQL5 language that allows traders to carry out complex calculations and employ effective trading strategies. The platform brings so many useful tools and offers funding of account in several currencies.

Saxo Trader

Saxo trader

Saxo Bank offers a number of different award-winning trading platforms, including its SaxoWebTrader, SaxoTrader, SaxoMobileTrader and SaxoTrader App. These forex platforms include in-depth access to several markets, as well as a stock screener, advanced charting, economic calendars and premium market news and analysis.

  • SaxoTrader – A multi-award-winning comprehensive, downloadable trading platform that covers all asset classes and integrates with SaxoWebTrader and SaxoMobileTrader.
  • SaxoWebTrader – A web-based trading platform for anywhere, anytime market access, offering full integration with SaxoTrader and an add-on for SaxoMobileTrader.
  • SaxoMobileTrader – A browser-based application that offers “on the go” access to SaxoWebTrader and SaxoTrader accounts on a browser-enabled mobile device.

Saxo bank also sets itself apart with unique software, such as TradeMaker, an idea generator for the forex and CFD markets. This software provides entry, target and stop price levels for trading ideas on major and minor currency crosses, index and commodity CFDs. Each idea is linked to a chart image and text explaining the idea and how to manage it, and a pre-populated order ticket facilitates fast execution of the entry and related orders.

VT Trader

VT Trader

This platform has been offered by Visual Trading Systems. It’s a technically advanced platform with their powerful API that brings powerful capabilities of automated trading. This is a desktop-based technical trading product which also provides indicators and studies for carrying out the market analysis.

VT Trade Platform is absolutely marvellous! They have frequent updates which are always good. Their Traders forum has wealth of information and excellent personal support to build your own Automated Trading system.  Once you get in contact with Moderator your correspondence will be on friendly level. It is very easy to use, trade execution is very fast and Indicators and Automated trading systems are very good.

DealBook® 360

Deal Book 360

This forex trading platform is equally liked by the newcomers as well as professional traders, because it is simple to use. One can easily tailor this trading platform to meet a trader’s needs.

The DealBook® 360 software program is suitable for the new traders and they can gain more market insights with the growing use of this platform. This web-based software allows trading of currencies using technical charts.

FXCM Active Trader

FXCM Trader

The FXCM Trader is well-appreciated for its three-dimensional market view, which is easily comprehensible. It allows you to view the liquidity at different price levels. It offers the convenience of one-click market order where one can pre-set stop-loss limits. This platform is ideal for short-term trading. It provides technical charts for the convenience of the traders to perform trades in a profitable manner.

 AVA Auto Trader

AVA Trader

This trading platform allows traders to manage multiple sub-accounts using a single master account and can access all the accounts using the same login details. At the same time, Traders can choose different money and asset portfolios for their different accounts. Thus, AVA Auto Trader gives its traders a great deal of flexibility. The platform has a simple and intuitive user interface backed by a comprehensive customer support. This is the reason why this platform is often considered perfect for the beginners. It also provides the facilities of manual and automated trading from the same single platform.

AVA Trader

AVA Auto trader

AvaTrader is a feature-rich forex trading platform which traders can easily customize to suit their individual preferences by picking the most suitable features. It gives traders an access the worldwide Forex markets quickly and perform their trading via the live streaming prices. The platform brings constant updates from the markets and gives full features to execute trades in an easy manner. Live charts and indicators have been integrated into the platform for the benefits of the traders.

CMC Web Platform

CMC Trading Platform

CMC Web Platform offers web-based trading where you can start trading instantly using your browser. There is no need to download and install any application. The platform offers several amazing features for automated trading. The platform offers advanced risk management with the features of stop losses, transaction based stop losses and ‘take profit orders’. The platform comes integrated with indicators and studies, enabling traders to make sensible market decisions.

DealBook® Web

Deal Book Web

This trading platform is easy to operate and quickly connects you to the market using any internet connected computer system.

It provides you with charting and news to help you trade with more confidence. It provides you with several technical indicators and historical market data to place an order and earn profits.

eToro WedTrader

eTorro Web Trader

This is a 100% web-based trading platform where one can start trading instantly by accessing the market through his computer’s browser. It has a simple user interface that is convenient to use. It comes with eToro community features that make this platform more innovative and user-friendly.

The platform also comes integrated with indicators and studies to help traders to understand the market movements.

eToro Trading Software

eToro Trading Software

This platform has been designed for trading forex in the online environment in a simple manner. The eToro forex platform is especially useful for the beginners as it requires an initial deposit of just $50 and the software offers valuable trading guides and tutorials for the beginners. Expert traders will also love the eToro platform for its intuitive interface and the trading tools such as forex charts, graphs, and updates they provide. Moreover, the leverages offered between 1:10 and 1:400 can be a lucrative opportunity for an experienced trader.

FXnet Trader

FX Net Trader

This trading platform can be fully customized by a trader to meet his individual trading needs. FXnet has both versions of the platform, one is downloadable and the other one is completely web-based. However, both types of the platforms come with the same functionalities and features and a user can use his same login details to access both the types.

The platforms come integrated with live as well as historic data for the convenience of the traders. For beginners, free trails are also available to help develop a familiarity about the platform.

ETrade Pro

eTrade Pro

The trading platform of ETrade Pro delivers the latest technology when it comes to experience an innovation in the fields of automated trading. It brings you the market movement news before the market opens so that you will be ready to open your position in a proactive manner. You get real-time strategies and streaming market alerts for your better decision making.

The platform helps you identify the top-performing industries and sectors to help choose the best assets for your investments. It provides you with a complete risk-management with a fully customizable charting feature.

IG Wed Dealing

IG Wed Dealing

The IG Wed Dealing is a fast and reliable trading platform allowing traders to access global financial markets to open trades. The platform brings live prices and market data for the traders to invest in the best performing assets. They bring you prices from multiple sources and thus providing you with better liquidity.

They also provide you with a range of technical indicators to help assess the market movements in a more precise manner.

L2 Dealer

L2 Dealer

The L2 Dealer trading platform provides you with the direct market access (DMA) and has fully customizable features. It can be completely personalized to suit the personal trading style of a trader. It provides you with a quick access to different markets and by picking customized charting, one can trade as per own convenience.

Its professional interface brings best prices and liquidity options after searching several sources. For traders, it brings a range of sophisticated tools to make an efficient business decision.

Plus500 Trader

Plus 500 Trader

This is a desktop based trading platform which one can use for trading a variety of currency pairs. It provides you with professional charting and technical indicators and is also integrated with the live support feature.

It allows you to set stop order and loss limits so that you can have a control on your losses, if you suffer any.

Plus500 WebTrader

Plus 500 Web Trader

The Plus500 WebTrader is the online trading platform from the family of Plus500. The platform is easy to use, since all trading instruments have been categorized in an organized manner, allowing traders to choose a particular asset of his interest in a hassle-free manner.

This platform provides you with advanced charts and trading histories related to the asset you prefer to invest in. They also provide a variety of financial indicators and the flexibility of setting Trailing Stop and Entry Limit orders.

Zulu Trade

Zulu trader

The ZuluTrade trading platform offers an open environment to the traders enabling them to connect across several trading platforms so that they can share their knowledge and experience for their mutual benefits. Traders can use the platform to execute trades in the global markets rapidly.

A beginner can take help of the advices from the experienced traders and can choose select trades for their profit making. Free trails are also available for the beginners. More experienced traders can benefit from the charts that come integrated with the platform.

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