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Company Name: CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited
Address and Contact Details: CMC Markets
Level 44, Governor Phillip Tower
1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: +61 2 8221 2100
Fax : +61 (0)2 8915 9484


Sign Up Offer: None
Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Deposit: Fund needed, but no minimum limit defined

Awards: Cheapest Online Broker by Money magazine, CANSTAR CANNEX awards, Smart Investor Blue Ribbon Awards Highly Commended 2010 for Stockbroking

The Next Generation mobile trading app

Company Background

CMC Markets started their foreign exchange business in the year 1989. Peter Cruddas is the founder of the company who started the business with an investment of £10,000. At that time the company was known as Currency Management Corporation. Later in 1996, he launched world’s first web-based foreign currency trading platform. Since then CMC has emerged as the leading player in the online CFD trading segment. The company has the reputation of conducting over 26 million trades every year.

CMC Markets today offers a wide range of products such as currencies, commodities, equities and indices. CMC Markets covers the customers from entire Asia, Europe and the North America.

Brokering Features and Fees

– min stock commission – $9.90 or 0.10%, whichever is the greater
– max stock commission – 0.22% for trades over $37,500
– minimum funds to open account: No


The company offers a unique web-based platform CMC Tracker to access the global financial markets. Traders can connect to the markets using any web browser on their computers. It doesn’t require downloading files and then installing software onto your PC. You can simply log in to your CMC Tracker and start trading. The CMC Tracker has lots many useful features that make online trading very safe and convenient.

Some of the features of CMC Tracker are:

a) Advanced risk management: Traders can preset their risk levels and this allows them to minimize their losses. The platform can also suggest a limit for transaction-based losses.

b) Advanced charts: Traders can access dynamic charts in a real-time environment. There are multiple chart types with up to 5 years’ history. Users can customize the chart type by selecting from over 60 technical indicators. Traders can also have the opportunity of viewing the live trades.

c) Order types: Traders will have the opportunity to choose from two order types: market orders and limit orders. In market orders, traders can make a transaction at the current market price while limit orders allows the trader to open or close a position at a predetermined price that is set in a given timeframe.

d) Factsheets: An extensive product library is maintained with host handy Factsheets on a number of trading products. This is a huge knowledge base detailing everything about currencies, commodities, stocks, indices etc.

e) Watchlists: Traders can create their personalized watchlists. This will help them to track the market movements of the selected products they are interested in.

f) News and analysis: CMC Markets, in association with Dow Jones Newswires, brings hot market news from across the globe. The company has an expert team of market analysts that keep updating the traders about the latest developments in the worldwide financial markets.



The CMC Markets has a mobile app that is compatible with all models of iPhones and iPads. A trader can simply download the CMC Markets App on his iPhone or iPad to start using the mobile platform of CMC. A trader can use the same login details of CMC Tracker to use the mobile app of CMC Markets.

For placing a Trade using the mobile app, one needs to tap on buy or sell price and the order ticket will be visible with the option of selecting the market, trade size, stock units, amount for trading etc. After selecting all these parameters, the traders would need to tap on Confirm to finish and it’s done.

Using the mobile app, a trader can even make payments securely. There is a “Payments” icon on the menu bar and by tapping on it money can be transferred to the trader’s account. All options related to the money transfer will appear on-screen to select and proceed.


Markets Available

CMC Markets offers nearly 3000 products for trading. These include currencies, commodities, companies and indices. A wide variety of products from the global financial markets can be traded using the CMC tracker platform. The product library has the detailed product list that a trader can use to shortlist the products of his choice to invest or trade in.

Fund Transfer to Your Account

The CMC Tracker platform has been designed to facilitate everything related to CFD trading. You can use the platform to fund your account as well by going to the “Payments” section. Here, you can make payments using your cards. CMC allows you to use up to three cards to fund your account.

CMC Markets also has a secure telephone-based money transfer system and by calling their Customer Management Team on the no. 1300 303 888, a trader can ensure fund transfer to his account.

CMC also allows online money transfer using your bank to the accounts of the CMC. For that you need to go to the ‘Bank Transfers’ tab and perform the necessary action so that money transfer can take place.

For withdrawing funds to his bank account, a trader again needs to go to the “Payments” section, provided you already have registered your bank account details with the system.

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