3 Reasons Why People Get Sex Changes in Thailand


From picking a new tattoo to having children there are many decisions you can make that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. However none of these decisions are more controversial or jaw dropping than getting a sex change surgery in Thailand. With their low cost & professional team of surgeons Thailand is quickly becoming the top destination for transgender people seeking a quick safe surgery. With millions of people flocking to Thailand for this controversial surgery every year it looks like this medical bonanza has the potential to save Thailand’s tourist industry.

Thailand has long been famous for being a three gender country, and during the last few decades they have been pioneering gender reassignment surgeries. They have built a solid reputation for having affordable health care & cream of the crop surgeons. This has not gone unnoticed by people who live in countries where health insurance is next to unaffordable. Every year an estimated 2 million tourists flock to Thailand to get the medical attention that they can’t afford at home. This tsunami of medical tourism generated a staggering 140 billion baht ($4 billion) just last year alone. Those numbers are far from stagnating, as the report shows that the number of international visitors rose by an impressive 18 percent since 2013. With tourism starting to fall due to the recent terrorist attacks and regime like rules imposed by the new military government this generous flow of extra cash couldn’t have come at a better time for Thailand. If this booming market continues to grow it may soon become the salvation of Thailand’s waning economy.

There are many reasons why people are making the impressive pilgrimage to Thailand for this intense surgery. Obviously with prices soaring all around the world Thailand is the only viable option for those who are not covered by insurance. With trip packages that include surgical expenses, hotel accommodation, massages and a city tour going for $9,770 it’s no wonder people are looking at Thailand. Another huge plus to getting this surgery done in Thailand is that there are little to no hospitals that are capable of performing this surgery in even in the most developed nations. Currently there are over 100 doctors licensed to perform this surgery at over 20 hospitals in Thailand. This combined with the fact that the experience with executing this type of surgery in other countries pales in comparison with Thailand is leading more and more people to make the trip each year. Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon is known as one of the biggest trail blazers of gender-reassignment surgery in Thailand. Since he performed his first sex change surgery in 1975 he has helped more than 3,500 transgender patients. He does an average of 3 surgeries per week so he is no stranger to the ins and outs of this risky procedure.

Since the general opinion on transgender people is shifting to become more accepted by the day, this will translate to more dollars and development for Thailand. Thanks to Caitlyn Jenner and Chaz Bono more and more people are being inspired to pursue their dreams of becoming a woman. While it’s still a maverick decision we have to admire the dedication that these people have to becoming who they want to be. While most people can barely decide what they will eat or which picture to post on Facebook these people have made the bold decision to part with their genitalia. Like it or not, it takes a good deal of balls and fortitude to make that decision.

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